About us

The Tale Of Vanishing Loom

A handloom saree transcends mere apparel; it embodies the artistic pride of India, representing beauty, elegance, and diversity. Within the intricate threads lie the dedication of communities, often underappreciated for their skills and craftsmanship.

In the heartlands of Odisha, weaving is not just a skill; it's a way of life. The weaving community depends on this ancient art form to light their chulha (stove) and illuminate their homes. In the soft glow of dim lightbulbs within mud houses, families dedicate their days to the loom, crafting exquisite sarees adorned with intricate designs. Their commitment is unwavering, ensuring each piece is flawless.

However, the craft of handlooms and the very lifestyle of these weavers face a grim reality - a slow decline. As the world races towards fast fashion, the demand for hand-made sarees has plummeted over the past decade. The weavers struggle to make ends meet and provide for their families, aggravated by the soaring prices of yarn that make it harder to sustain this hereditary profession.

"One cannot think of supporting his family by weaving alone now. Hence, several weavers are giving up their traditional profession. There were 40 looms at Badbazar. But, a majority of the weavers gave up this profession. Now, there are only three looms at Badbazar," expressed Manabhanjan Meher, advisor to the local weavers’ society, Nikhila Odisha Meher (Bhulia) Samaj, painting a stark picture of the issue our founders are determined to address.

Why Mosami?

Mosami was conceived with a singular intent - to improve the lives of weavers and safeguard the very essence of this art form. Our mission extends beyond profit; we strive to promote the indigenous patterns and fabrics of Odisha on a global platform.

We pledge 10% of our profits to establish a welfare organization focused on creating awareness of state benefit policies for weavers among various weaving communities in rural Odisha.

Our ultimate goal is to illuminate this incredible artistry and support as many weavers as possible, breathing life into their craft.

The Founders

Chandan Das, Co-Founder

Born in Odisha, Chandan has been steeped in the culture of handloom sarees from an early age. With 15 years of marketing experience as a freelancer and agency owner, he stumbled upon the idea of Mosami when he rediscovered his mother's silk handloom collection.

His initial intention was to create a profitable e-commerce business, but witnessing the weavers' plight firsthand, Chandan knew that the company had to stand for a greater cause. He is driven by the ambition to uplift the weavers and improve their conditions through the business.

Mythili TD, Co-Founder

Mythili is a serial entrepreneur who founded an apparel business at the age of 15, running it profitably for 3 years. Her immense knowledge of fabrics and design is a valuable asset to Mosami.

Every saree in our collection is handpicked by Mythili to resonate with the preferences of Indian women. With a profound love for fashion and apparel, her passion drove her to co-found Mosami.

On her first procurement visit to Odisha, she fell in love with the handlooms and witnessed the weavers' plight in rural parts, solidifying her commitment to helping them.