Golden Yellow Floral Pattachitra Pure Silk Saree

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Golden Yellow Floral Pattachitra Pure Silk Saree
Golden Yellow Floral Pattachitra Pure Silk Saree
Regular price Rs. 8,467.00
Sale price Rs. 12,096.00

Indulge in the essence of nature's beauty with our Golden Yellow Floral Pattachitra Pure Silk Saree. This exquisite saree, adorned with hand-printed designs of various flowers, is a celebration of colours and artistry.

The rich yellow backdrop symbolizes the warmth of the sun, and the vibrant red blouse adds a touch of passion to the ensemble. Each flower, meticulously hand-painted, tells a unique story of the artisan's dedication to preserving the age-old traditions of Pattachitra art.

👉 What Is Pattachitra?
Patta means cloth and chitra means picture. Pattachitra is one of the most ancient artworks of Odisha, original created for ritual use and as souvenirs for Pilgrims to Puri. The colors used in the paintings are natural and made fully by Chitrakaras, that is Odiya Painters.

Traditional Pattachitra paintings visually depict stories from various hindu mythologies, and folk songs.

At Mosami, we have tried to create a marriage between this ancient artform and modern designs. All the handloom sarees were intricately painted by pattachitra artists in Puri. Each saree takes an average 8-10 days to paint and dry.

COLOUR: Golden Yellow
MATERIALS: 100% Pure Vishnupur Silk (ISI Certified)
CARE: Dry Clean Only
COLLECTION: Pattachitra Hand-Painted Saree
Saree length: 5.3 meters
Blouse 70 cm ×110 cm

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Richa Singh - Verified Buyer

Verified Buyer

The silk saree quality is very good. Love the design.

Pratima - Verified Buyer

Verified Buyer

very nice sambalpur saree.

Sanchita S. - Verified Buyer

Verified Buyer

The designs are so unique and the quality is very genuine. If you normally wear silk, you'd know in an instant! Thanks Mosami :)

Rohini Ranganatha - Verified Buyer

Verified Buyer

One of my favourite sarees now. I will be wearing this a lot! Cant wait to own more pieces from Mosami.

Chinmayee - Verified Buyer

Verified Buyer

So soft and comfy. Cotton sarees are sometimes stiff but this felt like second skin.

Ishita - Verified Buyer

Verified Buyer

I love the sari from Mosami. Very beautiful ethnic wear

Akshita Tudu

Verified Buyer

Such classy design. Couldn't have asked for a better looking sari. Thank you Mosami.

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